Erwin Wurm Exhibition Posters

These are the poster series for Erwin Wurm's "The Philosophy of Instructions" exhibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Center(BACC), in November, 2016.


With the concept "All is Sculpture", we tranformed the letters from his name into series of sculptures to create these self-satired alphabets for his first ever exhibition in Bangkok.


Printing techniques: Offset printing on super glossy paper plus matte silk-screen inks.

Printer: Songpol Press, Bangkok



2017 DEmark(Graphic Design), Thailand

Live Like a scientist 
and work as an artist.

TNOP is a Bangkok-based design studio that focuses on creating a perfect balance between art and design. Founded in Chicago in 2005 by Tnop Wangsillapakun.


We believes that a sharp design is about the critical balance of conceptual work and craftsmanship. Our philosophy is to create a unique design that can represent client's culture through distinct contemporary executions, materials and techniques. We have worked with a wide range of clients from globals brands like Corbis Images, Nike, Coca-Cola, or IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency) to a local businesses like Mitea, a tea shop in Chicago or Alongkorn, a high-level bespoke suit shop in Bangkok.


Our studio has won many awards and are featured in many books and renowned magazines around the world. We have always been active in the Thai design community by given lectures and conducted workshops as well as collaborated in art and design exhibitions from time to time.



9/4 Latplakhao 79

Anusawaree Bangkhen
Bangkok Thailand 10220


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